Drone Pictures of Connecticut

Drone Photos of the Connecticut Outdoors

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A Psalmist (19:1) tells us the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Space inspires awe, fear and humility easily but what about rocks? Paul (Romans 1:20) tells us God's invisible qualities--his divine and eternal nature--are clearly on display in creation. For me, rocks--boring old rocks--tell a fascinating story. Connecticut's geology is world class as our 'crunch and crack' terrain is the result of both continental collisions and continental rifting. We have highlands of old metamorphic rocks sandwiching the Connecticut River Valley on the east and west. The central low-lying region of Connecticut hosts newer sedimentary and igneous (volcanic) rocks. Our trap-rock ridges are part of the Metacomet Ridge that formed 200 million years ago as the supercontinent Pangaea began to split and the landscape was stretched. The resulting cracks allowed massive lava flows to occur as magma welled up from deep inside the earth. The Metacomet Ridge extends from coastal Connecticut (Branford) through Massachusetts for about 100 miles. It is awe inspiring to know I am sometimes walking on faults that were created by a rifting supercontinent 200 million years ago or on even older metamorphic terrain caused by the collision of mobile continents. Moving land masses! Let that wondrous and once disputed scientific statement really sink in. The Danbury region has metamorphic rocks over a billion years old! You can explore much younger sedimentary rocks with dinosaur footprints in the central Connecticut valley. Eubrontes tracks were probably made by an 18-20 foot predator and you can find them gracing the side of the pond in Hubbard Park of all places! I enjoy exploring God's creation and finding hidden gems throughout Connecticut and the surrounding regions. I recently acquired a drone and decided to revisit some of my favorite spots and view things from a different perspective. A top down-perspective. Genesis 1:31 reads: "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." I hope these pictures inspire you to go out there and explore these places for yourself. Get off the internet, turn off the television, put the phone down and go on a road trip exploring creation! Links to individual pages with trail maps, more photos and important information about each location are above.