Steep Rock Preserve and a Drone

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Steep Rock Preserve

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Steep Rock Preserve offers a quant and charming walk along the Shepaug River. The yellow trail is the road you can also drive on along the river. There is plenty of space in the main parking area and additional parking outside the gate and in many spots along the river. I was not overwhelmed by the view from Steep Rock Summit (776ft) though the walk up was as pleasant as walking up a hill can be. I could make out the clamshell hump of forest but I could not see the river path delineating it. The drone was able to gain extra elevation and get an excellent aerial photo of it. The highlights of this trip for me were the suspension bridge (I teach physics) and the railroad tunnel/cave. It was very well maintained and a pleasant walk everywhere throughout the preserve. The river is gorgeous.

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini except the two phots from within the cave/railroad tunnel. I used the iphone 13 pro max as it was dark in there and it takes excellent photos in low light conditions.

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