WSessions Woods Wildlife Preserve and a Drone

Drone Photos of the Connecticut Outdoors


Sessions Woods Wildlife Preserve

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Sessions Woods Wildlife Preserve is a quant and charming place to visit. I walk the main Beaver Pond Trail but usually split off down most of the side trails (outdoor classroom, summer house, waterfall, lookout tower, viewing blind, vernal pond and the boardwalk especially). This place has a bit of everything. Its an easy carraige path with a few hills. Many people complete the hike in a counter clockwise fashion but I like to go clockwise ending my walk more or less with the boardwalk and Beaver Pond. From there I just walk back to the car. I have included a trail map and tree and bird identification guides from the CT DEEP above. There is a tree identification trail you can take (see the map). As you can see from the photos, some of the landscape here is absolutely stunning. The Beaver Marsh area has a prehistoric feel or at leasts reminds me of Florida swamps without the gators. Watchout for bears especially if you visit right as their hibernation season is ending. "Be Bear Aware" as the CT Deep Suggests. Dog's should be leashed to protect the wildlife.

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini!

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