Chatfield Hollow and a Drone

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Chatfield Hollow

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I was happy to find Chatfield Hollow State Park. There are picnic tables and grills literally feet from where you park and the beach was also right in front of us. The swimming area was big and the water near the ropes demarcating the area was between 5-6 feet. There is a small nature center across from the beach with a few activities for kids. There is also a waterwheel up the road at a smaller pond and a covered bridge just before that. The highlight for me was the small green trail that went through several caves. The green trail connects to the main road and I started on the end further into the park. I was able to sit in a small cave, climb up over it (off the trail) and climb through another cave t be greeted by what appears to have been a vulture. I was able to connect beck to the green trail after that. I had a lot of fun exploring the cave area. There are lots of trails here and a lot to do. Everything is pretty close so you can walk the whole park if you wanted to.

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini except the last 5. Some spots in the cave were tight and it was easier to use the Iphone 13 pro max.

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