Drone Photos of the Connecticut Outdoors


Bluff Point and a Drone

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I think Bluff Point Coastal Reserve is the most scenic place in Connecticut. It is also one of the most enjoyable. There is something interesting geology and wildlife here.You will see dark-reddish bands in the sand. That is garnet and magnetite. Make sure to bring a magnet to find some magnetite in the sand (see my last photo)! The beach is a remnant of continental glaciers, there is 600-700 million year old bedrocks around the bluffs which is pre-Pangaea. From the CT DEEP: "The natural habitats found here include coastal woodlands, beach and dune grasslands, coastal plain ponds, coastal bluff, tidal wetlands, intertidal mud flats and offshore eelgrass beds. Because of this unique combination of habitats, a variety of plants and animals live in the area." See the CT DEEP Link above for detailed information about the geology and biology of the Coastal Reserve. You can fish, swim, shellfish, bike, kayak, canoe, picnic, swim in a river, swim in the ocean, horseback ride, watch planes land and take off, see remnants of a 300 year old house (Winthrop), wade out to an island in the Poquonock River during low tide or even walk the 1 mile barrier beach to its end and use a spit get to Fisher Island (make sure the tide is low and you don't get stuck out there or have to cross back in a tidal current). The main trail is very easy but there are plenty of spaces to stop along the shoreline if you don't fancy a longer walk. The scenery, bluffs, wildlife, mountain biking trails and everything here is just stunning. Check for ticks if you go in the woods!

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini except the last one. Due to the proximity of the airport, I was not able to fly the drone very high around Fishers Island. You must be responsible and extra-careful here. Many drones won't even launch here unless you request an authorization to fly in the area.

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