Higganum Covr and a Drone

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Higganum Cove

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Higganum Cove had amazing swimming holes and a pretty waterfall. The site features the remnants of an old mill and there is a lot of history here. The Haddam page said its been the site of mills since the 1670s through the 1980s. You can walk a trail to the CT river where there will be a nice--albeit small--beach like area. You will also pass by a train track bridge over the water. I saw a bunch of kids jumping off what looked like a good 20 foot drop into 6ft of water below. The level of the water does go up and down with tides so be very cautious of this is your cup of tea. Kids can generally jump off the rocks in the swimming hole above the falls if they avoid one main rock. I hope to visit again when the flow rate is higher. Great spot for a swim! This place doesn't show up on my GPS so the parking lot is here: 41°29'57.6"N 72°33'23.3"W.

All of the above photos were taken with a DJI Mav 2 Mini.

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