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Inspired Imperfection: The Bible Serves the Purpose for Which God Intended it.

Section 1: "If there are errors in the Bible it is worthless."
Section 2: The Bible Serves the Purpose for Which God Intended it.
Section 3: Textual Errors Tell us God is not concerned about Inerrancy.
Section 4: A Deeper Dive into Some New Testament Textual Concerns. 
Section 5: Canonization Shows us God was not concerned with Inerrancy. 
Section 6 Diversity in the Church Diminishes any alleged Importance of Inerrancy. 
Section 7: The NT's Use of the OT speaks against Inerrancy. 
Section 8: Marcan Priority as a case against God choosing the very words of scripture.
Section 9: What does scripture say about itself? 
Section 10: Did Jesus believe in inerrancy? 
Section 11: An inerrant Old Testament turns God into a monster. 
Section 12: An inerrant Bible is at odds with science and history. 


The Garden Story Never Happened, The Garden Story Always Happens.

Section 1: Multiple Creation Stories in Genesis
Section 2: Scientific Problems and the Creation Accounts 
Section 3: Seven Potential Indications the Creation Accounts are Figurative
Section 4: The Presence and Absence of Conflict Mythology in the Bible 
Section 5: Creation and Flood Parallels with Ancient Near Eastern Mythology
Section 6: Does The New Testament Treat Adam and Eve as Historical
Section Appendix: List of priestly and non-priestly passages in genesis. 

Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch

Section 1: General Intro and "Did jesus Affirm Mosoaic Authorship?"